Jock the Staffy so excited to go outside he gets stuck in the cat flap

Jock the Staffy so excited to go outside he gets stuck in the cat flap

We’re all eager to get outside at the minute but one doggo got a little too excited and ended up in a bit of a flap.

Jock the Staffordshire bull terrier had to be rescued by firefighters after getting his head stuck in the cat flap.

He completely underestimated his own size and obviously couldn’t get anything past his neck through the hole but he discovered he couldn’t go backwards either.

The brindle pooch felt extremely sorry for himself after getting well and truly jammed as he tried to bash his way into his garden on Thursday.

He did manage to dislodge the flap from the door so he could finally get out into the garden but the flap remained stuck around his neck.

Eventually, unable to move the frame, his concerned owners, from Northallerton, North Yorks., rang the fire brigade for help to see if they could cut it off.

A tweet from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: ‘We have just been out to assist Jock the Staffy who had managed to get his head stuck in a cat flap.

‘Luckily the cat flap was not securely fitted to the door or his shame would have been greater.

‘Jock was sedated by a vet and released unharmed.’

They added the pictures of Jock looking a little embarrassed with the ‘walk of shame’ hashtag.

We’ve all been there Jock.