Man Builds ‘Gateway To The Imagination’ During Lockdown

Man Builds ‘Gateway To The Imagination’ During Lockdown

A woman in Washington, DC, posted photos of what her beloved uncle has been doing during quarantine: building a “Gateway to the Imagination” in his backyard.

Kimberly Adams said her Uncle David asked her what she was doing during the lockdown.

She replied, “learning to play the piano. You?”

“I built ‘Gateway to the Imagination’ in my backyard.”

Adams posted the photos to Twitter and thousands of users have commented, with many asking to know more about this lovely uncle of hers.

“Since you all love my Uncle David so much, here he is with his husband, my other Uncle David, who makes an amazing butterscotch raspberry pudding,” she wrote.

“All the love on this thread is amazing,” Kimberly Adams said in an update. “I talked to my uncle this morning and he says they are glad this is ‘positive and uplifting’ for everyone. Some of the questions popping up… YES, they are amazing and adorable in person, and the kindest souls you’ll meet.”

“And yes, they always wear matching outfits.”