Stray cat gets makeover from shelter who didn’t know what animal it was

Stray cat gets makeover from shelter who didn’t know what animal it was

When folks from the Arizona Humane Society rescued a stray last week, they weren’t sure what animal it was.

The neglected creature was covered in matted hair and the shelter decided to help her.

The nonprofit took the stray in, which turned out to be an abandoned cat, and decided to fix her up.

The four-year-old kitty got quite the makeover as the team got rid of two pounds (nearly a kilogram) of matted fur from her body, which is a quarter of what the cat weighs.

And they decided to call her Fluffer.

Don’t worry though, the process to cut all the matted hair off didn’t hurt Fluffer.

In fact, she was pictured sitting patiently as the experts got to work.

And two days after Fluffer got a whole new look, she was already adopted and introduced to her forever home.

The Arizona Humane Society (AHS) shared the story of Fluffer on their Facebook and Instagram page where it was lapped up by followers.

They wrote: ‘Show us a better #TransformationTuesday than Fluffer the cat… we’ll wait!

‘When Julie responded to a call this past Friday, she could barely tell what type of animal she was there to help.

‘The four-year-old cat, named Fluffer, was severely matted, so Julie transferred her to the AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital where she had two pounds of fur removed from her eight-pound body!

‘Fortunately, Fluffer was very sweet and tolerant of her grooming session and was otherwise in great health. The best part? She was adopted just two days later!’

The AHS replied to one of the Facebook comments asking whether the owners would be charged, saying that Fluffer’s previous owners had passed away and had not neglected Fluffer.

Fluffer had just been left to her own devices and struggled to take care of herself.

The AHS has plenty of stories like Fluffer’s as they’ve made it their mission to rescue as many animals they can.

They also try not to euthanise any and re-home as many as possible.